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In 1988 David and Louise Bruce set up The Bruce Trust which, since then, has provided canal boat holidays for over 16,000 disabled, disadvantaged or elderly people on specially-designed, purpose-built, wide-beam canal boats. In 2011, having provided these boating holidays for 23 years, the Bruces decided to provide an alternative holiday option for people with special needs.

Following considerable research into the types of leisure and holiday opportunities that were already available for people with special needs, the Bruces found that one area which was still limited was the camping and motorhome industry and so decided to design and build the world’s first wheelchair-accessible Motorhome to be available for hire.

They found a company called Event Homes in Scunthorpe who had previously designed and built several bespoke wheelchair-accessible Motorhomes for private ownership by disabled people. Event Homes introduced Louise and David to Roy Townsend and his wife, Sally, who has MS, and John Clayton, a mouth and foot painter, and they provided invaluable help and advice in the design of this unique facility. With their guidance and the extensive experience they had gained from providing specialist facilities on their Trust’s boats, Louise and David embarked on making their Motorhome dream become a reality.

Work on constructing the Motorhome upwards from a Mercedes commercial chassis and engine began during 2012 and the Motorhome was ready for her first season at the beginning of 2013.

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